4 reasons why Dynamics GP is essential to your organization

4 reasons why Dynamics GP is essential to your organization

Cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools have become a staple for the forward-thinking business owner. And it’s easy to see why. Used correctly, a business can gain insight into its financial status, automate processes, and find the best route to achieve goals. But there are plenty of ERP systems that are not perfect.

Ease of use, advanced reporting, and scalability: these are the features every company should look for in an ERP system. And as you’ll soon find out, these are all the qualities that Microsoft Dynamics GP has in spades.

Straightforward onboarding

You can often evaluate the worth of an ERP product based on how well users adapt to the new system. If it takes days to get acquainted with an ERP software’s reporting features and user interface, then it’s best to look for something better in the market. Open Systems Traverse, for example, may be a solid financial system, but your staff will likely never feel that way because it’s not exactly the most user-friendly solution out there. Even setting up reports is complex, especially for the small- to mid-sized business owner who value simplicity due to lack of time.

Microsoft Dynamics GP does well on this front mainly because it has the simple look and feel of Microsoft Windows applications that we’re all familiar with. Employees can easily navigate through tabs and options as if they were working on a Microsoft Office document. User dashboards can also be customized, allowing managers and sales staff to display role-specific information.

Built to work with other products

If you’re looking for an ERP system, you might consider Netsuite, an all-in-one financial management suite. At first this may seem like a good deal, but it’s actually a far cry from a worthwhile solution. The problem with most ‘all-in-one’ solutions is that they aren’t compatible with other third-party services, and the features it does have tend to be subpar.

Unlike NetSuite, Dynamics GP can integrate with third-party software to expand its already rich capabilities. Imagine your business had thousands of financial documents to scan, process, and store. If the need ever arose, you could integrate a best-of-breed document management system like Papersave with your Dynamics GP to capture and retrieve specific financial records in just a few clicks.


When a company starts looking for an ERP software, it’s usually inclined to purchase an inexpensive startup solution like QuickBooks. At first, you might be able to get away with its 30-user limit, basic accounting features, and lack of multi-entity reporting. But as your employee count grows, QuickBooks, and its limited scaling capabilities, won’t accommodate the demands of your expanding business.

Dynamics GP, by contrast, supports unlimited users and includes multi-entity tracking capabilities. Its superior scalability allows it to keep up with your business needs without sacrificing performance or functionality. And because all its robust features are available in the cloud, Dynamics GP allows you to set up and work from any location.

Detailed reporting

Let’s not forget, Dynamics GP’s reporting capabilities are also a force to be reckoned with. Of course, being a Microsoft product, Dynamics GP can integrate with Excel, CRM, and SQL Server reporting services to aggregate data from various sources and provide real-time reports. And with the custom report writing feature, you can automate routine and complex accounts payable tasks, general ledgers, inventory management, payment scheduling, and check printing.

While this automation improves operational productivity, the in-depth analysis you gain from the myriad of available reporting features also gives you a clearer roadmap to accomplish your business goals.

Dynamics GP all the way

Which one would you prefer? A product that has been tried, tested and partnered with over 2,000 certified implementation partners? Or a product that your business is likely to outgrow in the near future? Compared to QuickBooks’ basic reporting features or NetSuite’s inflexible solution, Dynamics GP’s functionality towers over most ERP systems. And while other ERP solutions can take some getting used to, you’ll find no such problems when your business opts for Dynamics GP.

Don’t just purchase the first low-cost option you see in the market! Installing less-than-optimal ERP software is the fastest way to derail your business from achieving its goals. Ultimately an ERP system should grow with your business, and at WhiteOwl we believe we have the solution. Get in touch with us today to see how far Dynamics GP can take your business.

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