5 Challenges you can solve by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

5 Challenges you can solve by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the industry leaders in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). Unlike many competing products, it includes the full range of back-office business applications instead of having to implement and integrate separate ERP and CRM systems. The Sales edition is designed for sales teams by helping them better understand customer needs and engage them more effectively.

#1. Improving customer service

Today’s sales teams have a lot more to think about than simply closing as many deals as they can. They also need to think about customer success and expectations. That means they must focus on forming long-term relationships in which customers are more open to upsells and cross-sells. The ability to engage customers effectively goes far beyond simply trying to sell them based on brand loyalty and, ultimately, inspiring brand advocacy.

Dynamics 365 for Sales provides features that help you build relationships and turn them into revenue. With integrated data analytics and user dashboards that translate them into visual and actionable insights, sales teams can better align their marketing strategies with the unique needs of their customers.

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#2. Streamlining your communications

Streamlining communications across an increasing range of different systems and devices and complex infrastructures is one of the biggest challenges facing digital transformation. By having different applications to handle every individual routine task, it’s much harder to keep track of everything, and departments end up with information silos that hinder collaboration efforts.

Dynamics 365 uses a common data model so that everything important, such as customer or sales information, is stored in one place and immediately accessible to anyone who needs it. This also allows for seamless integration with other essential business applications, such as Office 365 and Power BI.

#3. Targeting the right customers

There’s no quicker way to waste time and money than by targeting the wrong leads. Too often businesses are seduced by high numbers, such as huge follower counts on social media and greater search engine. However, it’s far better to target a smaller and more relevant group of customers instead of going after the wrong demographic and potentially damaging your reputation in the process.

Dynamics 365 helps you target the right leads by giving sales teams access to the information they need to tell genuine prospects apart. By delivering real-time insights into the behaviors of potential and existing customers, it helps you hone your targeting efforts and increase sales across the board.

#4. Enabling business agility

Many businesses miss out on new opportunities simply because their technology can’t keep up with demand, or they don’t have the necessary tools to identify market trends as quickly as they need to. This is a common problem for organizations that depend on in-house IT and desktop software. Without access to cloud-hosted collaboration tools and unified data storage, the opportunities to drive growth and adapt to change will be severely stunted.

Dynamics 365 resides in the cloud, which means it’s hosted remotely and can be accessed through the web from any internet-enabled device. While there are still on-premises solutions available, such as Dynamics GBP and NAV, the full cloud functionality of Dynamics 365 means your employees can serve your customers no matter where they are.

#5. Boosting employee productivity

Despite there being countless new opportunities to improve employee productivity and morale, most workers in the US still aren’t as engaged with their jobs as they could be. Unsuitable technology and mobility restriction are two of the most common reasons for this. More than ever, employees expect to enjoy a degree of flexibility with regards to where and how they work, and few people want to spend 9 till 5 at the same office desk.

Dynamics 365 enables complete workforce mobility and scalability because it lives in the cloud. This means your employees can access the tools they need to do their jobs from any device no matter where they are. Studies have consistently shown that, when people are working in their preferred environments using their own computers, they tend to work better.

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