5 New Features Coming to Dynamics 365 Business Central

5 New Features Coming to Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft is releasing the second major update for Business Central in October 2020. The update includes major enhancements to the user interface, performance improvements, and more. We have identified 5 items that will be beneficial to most organizations.

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1. Support for an unlimited number of production and sandbox environments

It is vital for international companies to be able to manage their businesses in a single ERP. Business Central now allows you to expand Business Central to more than three countries or three business branches by adding more than three production environments.

Businesses are now able to purchase additional production environments. Each production environment comes with three additional sandboxes, which can be used in any supported Business Central country.

2. Check financial journals in background

Business Central 2020 wave 2 will now introduce validations that can help prevent issues with posting before they happen. Early, unobtrusive visual indications that there is a problem can help improve productivity.

On the General Journal Batch page, you will soon be able to choose Background Error Check to have Business Central validate financial journals, such as general or payment journals, while you're working on them. When the validation is enabled, the Journal Check FactBox displays next to the journal lines and will show issues in the current line and the whole batch. Validation happens when you load a financial journal batch, and when you choose another journal line. The Issues total tile in the FactBox shows the total number of issues that Business Central found and choosing it will open an overview of the issues.

3. Use the Copy Journal function on Posted General Journals

When working with large journals, it is important to have an easy way to correct mistakes. The Copy Journals function helps you be more productive when correcting mistakes.
In the wave 2 release, you will be able to choose to Copy to Posted Jnl. Lines in General Journal Templates to enable copying of journals to Posted General Journal. You can also enable or disable Copy to Posted Jnl. Lines on a specific Journal Batch that belongs to General Journal Templates where Copy to Posted Jnl. Lines were enabled.

On the Posted General Journal page, you will be able to use the Copy Journal function to create a copy of a general journal line or a batch with opposite signs (a reversing journal), a different posting date or document number. On Recurring General Journals, you can control the date that reversal entries will be posted where Reversal Recurring Methods are used.

4. Use recurring journals to allocate balances by dimension values

Allocating costs across the different dimensions that you use to track your business is key to getting correct insight on business profitability.

In recurring journals, you will be able to specify dimension filters on the source G/L accounts from which you want to allocate costs, and you can set the Recurring Method field to Balance or Reversing Balance.

5. Bank reconciliation improvements

The Bank Acc. Reconciliation page will include a feature to cancel a posted bank reconciliation so that users can recover from mistakes. The bank reconciliation will automate the reconciliation of differences.

The Payment Reconciliation journal will support applications against employee ledger entries, allow one-to-many matching, have preview posting enabled, separate number series, and user-defined document numbers.

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