AI-powered automation for smarter and faster business

AI-powered automation for smarter and faster business

Artificial intelligence (AI) used to be more ubiquitous as an aspect of science fiction and Hollywood rather than commerce and industry. However, thanks to tech developments over the past decade, it is quickly becoming an important differentiator in driving business success.

Modern enterprise resource management tools are powered by AI, which is most commonly used to churn out important analytics and to facilitate automation. AI-powered automation — also called intelligent automation — is proving to be a very robust tool that allows businesses increase sales, detect fraud, improve customer experience, automate work processes and provide predictive analysis.

Intelligent automation

Think about how you run your business. Ideally, you would want to run it in at a level where it you’re constantly meeting revenue and profit goals while expending only the necessary resources. Also, you would want to have an enterprise management system that gives you full control of all aspects of your business, while providing valuable information on how to maintain and improve your operations. This is what intelligent automation can do for your business.

When setting your AI, simply specify your parameters and business goals. A robust AI-powered enterprise resource planning (ERP) software will even provide you with advanced analytics that will show you how your business is performing. It’s like having your own business advisor built into your system.

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Take Microsoft Dynamics 365 for instance:

Microsoft Dynamics automation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a 365 for Project Service Automation feature that will help you run your business, complete with total oversight and control. Its predictable and customer-centric service delivery model will assist you in your planning and delivery strategies while helping you anticipate resource demands and maintain high rates of utilization, for efficient operations.

With the automation feature, you will also be able to plan for multiple scenarios and prioritize project-based sales, should you choose to pursue that operational strategy. Added benefits include intuitive and well-designed tools that will empower your users to collaborate and be more productive overall. Furthermore, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an excellent way to anticipate innovation, as its development design is intended to make customization and connectivity with other apps a breeze.

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Microsoft Dynamics AI

This is the peak of dynamic intelligent automation for enterprises. Dynamics 365’s powerful AI will give your users access to predictive insights that will help them make informed decisions in the pursuit of improving operations and customer experiences.

The app’s design features an attractive and intuitive interface that is easy to learn. Unified views are also available so that you can be privy to data as seen from all angles of the business. Dynamics 365 also provides immediate, actionable insights that can be used tangibly, and because it is designed to integrate readily with Microsoft Office and other Microsoft products, Dynamics 365 is essentially ready to use straight out of the box.

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