Best features of Dynamics 365 for small-to-mid-sized businesses

Best features of Dynamics 365 for small-to-mid-sized businesses

It is advantageous for businesses to seek any kind of competitive or operational advantage, including improving how they manage their resources. Dynamics 365 is a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for small- to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). It combines both financial and customer management into an integrated, cloud-based, end-to-end platform that businesses can use to improve efficiency and drive growth.

Here are some benefits of using Dynamics 365 Business Central

Flexible licensing

Microsoft allows enterprises to subscribe only to specific apps and access levels, meaning no one is forced to pay for a full suite of applications that they may not need. This way, even small businesses can afford it.

Dynamics 365 comes in Business Edition and Enterprise Edition. Business Edition is good for organizations with 10–250 employees, while Enterprise Edition is better for companies with more than 250 employees. Business Edition is less expensive, and it is designed to not be as complicated to use, a welcome feature for companies with fewer employees.


Scalability refers to a solution’s ability to remain useful and effective while adjusting to changes in a business’s size. Many businesses experience regular organizational changes in terms of business processes; having a scalable ERP allows them to continue using the solution without too much intervention and interruption.

Dynamics 365 is designed to provide robust service on a subscription-style usage framework. This means you enjoy the benefits of a full suite of products and services that a full-sized IT department traditionally provides, at a fixed cost. This also means that it will cost the same, whether your company grows or enters a period of slowdown.

This feature is good for emerging businesses, especially considering that some businesses in tech and media experience rapid growth. Having a scalable solution means your business can forego having to transition to a bigger provider should you experience ample growth; Dynamics 365 is robust enough to provide for the needs of businesses through different stages of its growth and development.

Easy customization and integration

Businesses appreciate solutions that they can easily tool to meet their needs and wants. Dynamics 365 has an intuitive and functional interface that, on its own, makes for good user experience, but underneath the bonnet is a powerful engine running on open architecture. This allows users to share information securely from one application to another while still affording the system enough flexibility to be customized to adapt to business changes.

This feature gives Dynamics 365 the feel of a flexible proprietary system without the difficulties and costs it usually entails. The advantage of a proprietary system is that it can be put together to suit the tastes of users, which can often make it a more comfortable option. But because Dynamics 365 easily integrates with the entire array of Microsoft’s business software, your employees can still enjoy the user-friendliness of native Microsoft interfaces across the whole Dynamics 365 platform.

Easy access

This feature does not mean easy access for just anybody, but only for authorized users from whichever part of the world they need to access information from. Dynamics 365 is powered by the cloud and is designed to be uniformly powerful regardless of whether you’re accessing it natively, via web browser, via iOS, or via Android.

Dynamics 365 can also be integrated with the other programs in the Microsoft family of applications, such as Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word. This helps organizations increase productivity.

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