Biggest challenges the hospitality industry faces and how Business Central helps

Biggest challenges the hospitality industry faces and how Business Central helps

Not many industries are as rife with challenges as the hospitality industry. Being part of a service-oriented sector, hotels and inns are faced with so many challenges that can easily fold the unprepared. Those that find opportunities amid all the chaos are most likely to prosper.

To make sure your hospitality business stays competitive, you must first identify these challenges. Here, we compiled some of the biggest ones and how a robust enterprise resource planning solution (ERP) like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can help you address them.

Change in guest expectations and market trends

Convenient booking procedures, free Wi-Fi, high-end entertainment systems — technology has changed customer expectations dramatically and at the same time raised the bar in terms of customer engagement. Many accommodations have been quick to capitalize on this by putting emphasis on experiential travel, especially knowing how important it is to today’s social media-savvy crowd.

In an industry where reputation is crucial, it is especially important to build and maintain good customer relations. Business Central comes with customer relationship management capabilities so you can solidify communication with guests and increase satisfaction and loyalty.

This is even more helpful in today’s extra competitive hospitality landscape where anyone can just rent out unused spaces. Given the success of Airbnb, these days it’s about delivering a personalized experience. More than knowing your guests, you have to understand the context of their travel. Are they traveling for work or pleasure? Solo, with a special someone, or in a group?

Business Central allows you to strategize based on their personal information and historical data, and engage with them using different devices. If you have adequate knowledge of your guests, you can better design services and deals they would eagerly share over the internet.

For example, knowing your guest is joining a race in the area, you can put running magazines in their room. You can also offer a discount should they book again for their next adventure. And if any complaints arise, you can address them before negative perceptions set in and spread like wildfire on social media.

High turnover rate

Apart from the obvious compensation, company culture ranks high among the attributes that make staff stay at their current employer. Many of them gravitate toward companies that support innovation and utilize technologies that make tasks easier — topping the list is Business Central.

Business Central helps build a culture of transparency where everyone feels they are being valued and their efforts don’t go overlooked. Getting a clear view of the business mission and how their work fits in, employees will stay motivated and be more productive as your hotel reaps the benefits of having a satisfied team.

With Business Central, someone in business development trying to locate prospects only need look at one centralized platform to get pertinent data. Access to critical information allows him or her to make informed decisions without having to go through phone books and piles of printed documents. This works across all levels, saving employees precious time.

Data security

The hospitality industry is fast becoming a major target for cybercriminals since hospitality providers keep sensitive customer data, including payment card information. From data leaks to virus attacks to identity theft, not even the biggest hotels are safe.

Prevent all forms of cyberattack with Business Central’s advanced threat protection and encryption systems. Hospitality providers in South Florida can also seek help from companies like WhiteOwl to make sure their guests sleep soundly knowing their personal information is safe in the cloud.

Find your way around the biggest challenges in the hospitality industry by partnering with an experienced managed services provider. Contact us today for more information on how Business Central enhances your booking system, front desk efficiency, guest management system, and more!