Is your business outgrowing QuickBooks?

Is your business outgrowing QuickBooks?

Ask any owner of a small business which accounting software they use, and chances are most of them will say QuickBooks. For many years, the software has been the gold standard in the small-business environment, and it remains by far the most popular on-premises solution. It’s a great piece of software too, owing to its rich set of features, ongoing support, and familiar user interface.

However, the rapid rise of scalable, web-based solutions is rapidly usurping more traditional programs like QuickBooks. If you’re starting to feel left behind, a cloud-based solution like Sage Intacct might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Enjoy the scalability of the cloud

Back in 2015, QuickBooks enjoyed a share of over 80% of the small business market in the US, but this is rapidly dropping in favor of cloud-based systems. One of the major reasons for this is that the cloud offers far greater flexibility and scalability, effectively allowing a company’s IT systems to grow along with their changing goals and requirements.

To maintain their competitive advantage, small businesses especially are under constant pressure to adopt systems that will scale with their requirements, and that’s why the limitations of on-premises systems tend to make them far less attractive than they once were.

QuickBooks does offer an impressive degree of scalability for a primarily on-premises system, but the fact that it is a desktop rather than web-based application means it also has some inherent limitations.

By comparison, Sage Intacct does not have any user limits, and it provides different licenses for project managers and employees, which also means you need to pay only for the features you need. If your business still uses QuickBooks when your team is rapidly growing, you may end up having to use inefficient workarounds such as spreadsheets. With a scalable cloud-based system, however, there’s no need to waste time on unnecessary data entry.

Empower your employees with workplace flexibility

One of the greatest advantages of switching to Sage Intacct is the flexibility it brings. Since users can access your data and online apps through nothing more than a web browser, they can do their work wherever they are and regardless of what sort of device they’re using.

These days, the mobile workforce is very much the norm rather than an exception, and with more people working on the move and from home, employees are starting to demand more flexibility in the workplace rather than spending their days chained to a desk in the office.

As a primarily on-premises solution, QuickBooks is inherently limited when it comes to workplace flexibility. First, it’s necessary to install the application on the local device, and only Windows and macOS are supported. While cloud-based versions of QuickBooks do provide some online functionality, complete cloud enablement is usually preferable for any growing business.

Sage Intacct, which is now an industry standard in cloud-based accounting, provides unlimited reporting flexibility, allowing you to track important data in real time from any device in any location. Furthermore, it comes with advanced features like multi-entity accounting, which allows you to consolidate the accounts of multiple office branches based in different locations.

Achieve compliance with ease

The upcoming revenue recognition standard is mandatory, which means businesses must change their processes in terms of how they log revenue and process billing. With QuickBooks, achieving compliance is much more difficult because it lacks the features to keep track of changes in accounting rules.

Sage Intacct, however, automates billing and revenue recognition in accordance with the new accounting standard. And thanks to automation, you eliminate manual data entry errors that compromise the authenticity of your financial statements.

Simplify deployment and reduce implementation times

Migrating to Sage Intacct allows you to reduce downtime and eliminate the need for any expensive upfront investments.

Once you’ve opened your account and chosen a subscription package, you’ll have instant access to the web-based application, so there’s also no need to worry about lengthy deployment times and other associated complications. Better still, the popularity of Sage Intacct means that you can easily integrate it with other major business systems, such as your CRM, POS and payroll software.

No business should ever be held back because of the limitations of its IT infrastructure. That’s why WhiteOwl offers complete future-proofing for your organization by way of cutting-edge cloud services like Sage Intacct. Call us today to find out what we can do for your company.

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