Top technology tools to support a virtual office

Businesses nowadays are venturing into the world of remote work and virtual spaces, as the 2020 coronavirus pandemic has forced people to stay at home. Thankfully, remote work setups have been on the uptick even before COVID-19, and as we have noted with our Miami clients, it’s turning out to be a reliable way to maintain productivity and profitability.

How SMBs overcome IT budget challenges

A perpetual challenge many small- to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) face is budgeting. With only so many resources to go around, small business owners are always looking for ways to stretch a buck.

Here are some common resource problems SMBs face, and what business owners can do to work around such difficulties:

Inability to adopt new technologies
Let’s face it — tech can be expensive.

Workflows are the Work Around for Human Fallibilities

Ask any small- to mid-size business owner what their least favorite job is and the odds are it comes down to making certain that procedures and processes are being followed. In fact, it’s usually when repeatable tasks that need to follow specific steps are not completed correctly that businesses get in trouble.

Visualizing Business Intelligence with Power BI

Having inaccurate or incomplete information hinders managers to make good and wise decision. Fortunately, there are robust data tools that can integrate with Business Central to help decision-makers understand the data. One of those tools – POWER BI. In today’s technological world, data is compiled endlessly and understanding these data trends and relationships requires more than just numbers; it requires a way for individuals at different levels of a business to visualize and understand the data.

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