How Cloud Accounting Reduces IT Overhead

Given its functionality and the conveniences it brings, IT should be a top investment priority even for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). But before implementing anything, you must fully understand your company’s needs and processes. Otherwise you could be incurring costs that may prove useless in the long run.

Is your business outgrowing QuickBooks?

Ask any owner of a small business which accounting software they use, and chances are most of them will say QuickBooks. For many years, the software has been the gold standard in the small-business environment, and it remains by far the most popular on-premises solution.

The four nightmares keeping small business owners up at night

Starting a business is a huge achievement, but keeping it running and making it successful are the real challenges. Reports from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics show that 20 percent of small businesses shut down by the end of their first year, and around 50 percent fail by the end of their fifth.

How your business can keep up with IT

Companies looking for a competitive advantage must constantly seek better, faster, and stronger technologies. We’re here to tell you that finding those technologies isn’t difficult at all.

There’s no shortage of internet articles preaching the latest and greatest in IT, and although the technology listed may seem of use to your business, it might not be what your employees actually need.

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