Improving collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Businesses are scrambling to adapt to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, and for many companies, this has meant embracing a digital shift sooner than expected. The good news? Microsoft Teams has stepped up to the plate, and for our South Florida clients, the app is proving to be a reliable way to collaborate remotely so their business doesn’t miss a beat.

Top technology tools to support a virtual office

Businesses nowadays are venturing into the world of remote work and virtual spaces, as the 2020 coronavirus pandemic has forced people to stay at home. Thankfully, remote work setups have been on the uptick even before COVID-19, and as we have noted with our Miami clients, it’s turning out to be a reliable way to maintain productivity and profitability.

Why integrate Office 365 and Dynamics 365?

Five years after Microsoft introduced Office 365, the tech giant launched Dynamics 365 (D365) to further help businesses reach their goals. Integrating these solutions has become easier with every iteration, thanks to the cloud.

This affords small- and medium-sized businesses in South Florida access to a wide range of tools to improve customer interaction, enhance productivity, transform processes, and more.

How to Choose the Right Office 365 Plan for Your Business

One of the many advantages of migrating to Office 365 is that it allows businesses to enjoy the latest software and services for a predictable monthly fee, rather than having to worry about major up-front investments and paying for regular upgrades.

Although Microsoft Office is also available in the form of a standalone purchase for both home and business users, Office 365 presents a subscription-based alternative that comes with many additional services and features that businesses can choose from.

5 Office 365 Myths Debunked

Productivity software has played an important role in businesses for decades. Since its initial release way back in 1990, Microsoft Office has been the gold standard for workplace productivity. In fact, many of its core applications, such as Microsoft Word and Excel, have been around for even longer.

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