Gain some peace of mind with Microsoft 365 Business’s security features

Gain some peace of mind with Microsoft 365 Business’s security features

Microsoft recently made waves when they rebranded one of their more ubiquitous products. Its popular productivity solution for small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) now has a sleeker look, heralding a new era in software development and design.

On the outside, it looks pretty much the same as the previous version. But under the hood, Microsoft 365 Business is packed with features designed to help SMBs tackle the challenges of the “new normal” head-on.

The state of data protection for the “new normal”

Data privacy and protection are paramount in the updated business environment due to the pandemic. With many companies now exploring their operational capabilities with cloud solutions and remote working setups, the need for a highly secure information system is greater than ever.

“The key is finding the balance between security and productivity.”

The key is finding the balance between security and productivity. This especially applies to businesses transitioning to cloud-based software and work from home arrangements. With that in mind, Microsoft has taken its most popular product and repackaged it into an app that facilitates workflow more efficiently than ever while delivering unwavering data integrity.

Microsoft 365 Business

Microsoft 365 Business is the tech giant’s rebrand and repackaging of its award-winning productivity suite Microsoft Office 365. It contains all the Office apps you know and love such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. With this new and improved version, however, you get more, such as Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Microsoft Forms, and the same computing power on mobile apps.

Most importantly, it raises the bar in terms of how your business data is protected, with its host of improved security features.

Important security features

  • Threat protection
    The app comes with Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), a cloud-based email filtering service that helps keep unsafe links, malware, ransomware, and other threats from entering your system. This tool analyzes emails with its ATP Safe Links to ensure that all URLs in email bodies and attached documents are safe. It also scans for malware and viruses attached to messages and documents with its ATP Safe Attachments feature.

    The app is also outfitted with other security features such as multifactor authentication (MFA) options and Windows Defender. MFA adds an extra layer of protection during authentication, to help ensure that only authorized users can access the system, while Defender provides thorough and up-to-date protection against viruses, malware, spyware, and more.

  • Data protection
    On Microsoft 365 Business, you can be assured that all sensitive data can only be accessed by authorized individuals. The app deploys data loss prevention (DLP) policies so that information such as Social Security numbers and private healthcare information don’t fall into the wrong hands.

    The app comes with the Office 365 Message Encryption feature, which can be configured to ensure that only intended recipients can view message content. This feature works with, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and other email services.

    You’ll also get Exchange Online Archiving, a cloud-based archiving solution that integrates with Microsoft Exchange or Exchange Online. It has advanced archiving tools such as holds, retention policies, and data redundancy management tools. For instance, if your business is mandated to hold on to emails and other communications in relation to litigation, In-Place Holds and Litigation Holds can be used to preserve certain emails.

  • Device management
    Lastly, Microsoft 365 Business has advanced device management features that provide monitoring and control tools to ensure your devices aren’t misused. Some features are Bitlocker, conditional access tools, mobile device management (MDM), and automatic updates.

    Bitlocker is a data encryption tool that protects data in case a mobile device is lost or stolen. Enabling this and another tool, ExploitGuard, provides devices with advanced protection against sophisticated attacks like ransomware.

    Conditional access tools are a set of policies that require extra security measures such as MFA to grant access to files. You can also use this tool to block users who refuse to abide by security protocols.

    You can use MDM to create and manage device security policies. This feature works on iOS, Android, and Windows devices, and it can also be used to view reports and remotely wipe and reset mobile devices to factory settings.

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