How Business Central workflows boosts business processes

How Business Central workflows boosts business processes

Business Central Workflows is an easy way to connect business processes with industry-best practices. In a way, the Workflows module is a platform where instructions for automated commands — such as email, notifications, and approvals — can be assembled.

The basic building blocks of Workflows are the following: the event, the condition, and the response. Defining the three events allows the system to read and react appropriately on its own, eliminating the need for manual inputs. By removing the actions needed to be done by your employees, at each stage, they’ll spend less time doing manual steps to complete tasks, allowing them to focus more on giving you quality output.

Here are the ways Workflows boosts business processes:

Workflows ensure consistency

The most evident benefit of Workflows is that it helps to keep businesses from making simple mistakes that lead to expensive outcomes. Workflow conditions are pre-defined upon setup, meaning even the most inexperienced employee can setup workflows without the danger of certain critical procedures going to the wrong places.

On a less dramatic note, Workflows ensure consistency by simply removing opportunities for inconsistencies. By pre-setting actions and flows, you can be assured that a certain request will only be followed by the appropriate next step. This will also save you a lot of time having to double check manual inputs, allowing employees to perform their real job.

Workflows support conditional processes

Business Central remains one of the world’s most cutting-edge enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, and this is most evident by how the app employs conditional process modeling to analyze data and data flows. Conditional processes are a way for your administrators to set the software’s logic analysis to fit your business’ specific needs.

This means that the longer you use Business Central, the more the app “learns” your business’ schedules and habits. Conditional processing is a great way to pass on the tedious aspects of business to the ERP — so that you’re not stuck hours on end doing menial input tasks.

Automation is possible with Workflows

Workflows lets you integrate processes and break traditional silos within your organization. In a way, this also leverages your often-unused business data to help determine the most efficient ways you can conduct your business. With Workflows-powered automation, workers in one silo no longer need to wait for tasks to be completed by those in other silos. This saves your business valuable resources.

The best part about this feature is that it’s just the beginning; automation and machine learning is still improving day by day, and with Microsoft at the forefront of tech developments, Business Central is always one of the first applications that benefit. Surely, exciting news for any small- to medium-sized business (SMB) aching for more productivity without sacrificing too many resources.

It’s a great way to maximize PaperSave

One great workflow and automation solution for Business Central is PaperSave. This app is a complete document management, electronic workflow, and transaction automation solution. It’s an excellent way to shrink your business’ carbon footprint and streamline business documentation at the same time. Augmenting your Business Central suite with Papersave will help you automate payables processes, streamline approvals, give total access to all your documents, and securely store all your data for your entire operations.

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