How SMBs overcome IT budget challenges

How SMBs overcome IT budget challenges

A perpetual challenge many small- to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) face is budgeting. With only so many resources to go around, small business owners are always looking for ways to stretch a buck.

Here are some common resource problems SMBs face, and what business owners can do to work around such difficulties:

Inability to adopt new technologies

Let’s face it — tech can be expensive. Between hardware costs, training expenses, and upkeep and overhead, the costs of new technologies can pile up like leaves from an out-of-control deciduous tree on the first day of autumn. Adopting new tech is often a scary investment because the question is rarely whether the returns will come — it’s whether the returns will come immediately, while resources to sustain operations still exist.

The truth is, benefits are rarely an overnight thing. Which is why shrewd businesses take a smart approach when adopting technologies — by getting them through managed services providers (MSPs). Many MSPs are vendors of the top resource planning, automation, and customer management software out in the market today. And because these solutions can be acquired via a subscription-style payment scheme, you no longer need to bear the cost of a full-sized software suite designed for a 300-employee multinational firm just to enjoy the opportunities of new business tech.

Making employees jacks-of-all-trades

Many smaller businesses are literally “small businesses” — as in five-staff-plus-one-boss small. Needless to say, these enterprises often take an all-hands-on-deck approach, with each member of the organization fulfilling their regular job description — and then some. It’s a way for SMBs to save money, but many fail to realize that it may also be a reason why growth is slow, and profitability isn’t improving.

Businesses with limited resources simply can’t hire all the technology specialists they need. This is why many enterprises turn to — yet again — MSPs. Take us at WhiteOwl, for instance. Our business applications clients get support from our skilled consultants, while our managed services clients get support from our skilled technicians. Our digital discovery and transformation planning activities are conducted by experienced digital discovery and transformation specialists.

With us, you get uncompromised expertise.

No budget for a fully stocked IT department

The role of IT departments has evolved through the years. Nowadays, they are more crucial to business success than ever. However, many businesses are reluctant to fully embrace digital transformation — the costs of a competent IT department being one of the reasons for their hesitation. Many companies avoid digitization because it means spending more on hiring talent to manage said technologies. For instance, a study by Forrester Research found that only 16% of large companies believe they have the right staff to properly deploy a digitization plan. There’s a general belief that while IT departments are necessary, they are expensive investments whose returns aren’t easily felt, especially by small businesses.

This is where MSPs come in. Partnering with an MSP can help you fully realize your digitization plan without having to build an IT department from scratch. Reliable MSPs like WhiteOwl are staffed by tech specialists and digital transformation experts; you get to benefit from their talents if you partner with us. You acquire the skill sets of a corporate-size IT department at a fraction of the cost.

Embrace the digital revolution with South Florida’s leading managed services provider: WhiteOwl. You'll benefit from our extensive service experience and expert opinion as you make your digital transformation journey. Contact us to learn more.

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