How to leverage CRM to revamp your recruiting process

How to leverage CRM to revamp your recruiting process

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems such as Microsoft Dynamics are intended to provide a centralized database containing customer information, sales history, and potential sales opportunities. Before dedicated and increasingly sophisticated CRM solutions became widely available, many smaller businesses used to write down such information on a spreadsheet or even by hand.

However, CRM systems, which nowadays are often cloud-based, are becoming even more versatile in their potential. One of the more unconventional ways to use your CRM is to leverage the system to improve an organization's recruiting process, making it more efficient while assuring you recruit top talent.

Go paperless at career fairs

It's 2017, and you still end up with a stack of résumés after a career fair? By having candidates submit a form electronically at these events, you’ll be able to move away from the traditional paper résumé hand-off. For example, a mobile device like Kindle Fire with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM web form can be displayed at career booths where interested applicants can easily fill out their basic contact information. Then, the CRM software will collect candidate data, allowing you to review all submissions within a web browser without having to print and share hard copies.

Categorize candidates

When creating your digital application form, you should spend time setting fields to properly categorize applicants. For instance, you can create a dropdown field where candidates can choose which job position they’re interested in. Once you’ve gathered enough information, you’ll be able to follow up with them using your CRM system, just as you would with sales leads. In the same way, you’ll be able to categorize candidates so recruiters know how to approach them appropriately.

Streamline communications

Throughout the hiring process, you’ll need to be able to communicate with potential employees quickly so they don’t lose interest. To do this, set a workflow that automatically sends emails to a candidate after they’ve provided their basic contact information at the career fair. The email should include details about what the candidate needs to do next, like how to submit an official online application and their résumé.

When hiring managers are reviewing the information, another automated email can be sent to let the applicant know that his or her application is in review. This cuts out a lot of wasted time writing the same, canned responses to thousands of applicants or worse, keeping the applicant in the dark.

You can even use workflows to streamline internal operations. If a candidate is shortlisted for interviews, you can take advantage of workflows integrated with a scheduling solution, such as Office 365 Calendars, to automatically scan your schedule and provide suggestions for interview slots based on your availability.

Gain insights

Aside from helping streamline the sales process, CRM software is also designed to record important information to help you keep track of sales trends. In the case of attracting talent, you’ll gain useful insights into how well your “campaign” performed. After career fair season, you need to know whether your company left a good impression.

For example, you might consider tracking things like the number of likes on your company’s social media page or the number of people who submitted their applications right after they received your automated email. These will indicate how engaged people were with your campaign and will show trends you can focus on in future career fairs.

Enjoy a streamlined recruitment process!

If there’s a repetitive task that can be automated, then it should be automated. When it comes to recruitment, there are various repetitive and time-consuming tasks that fall into this category; but by setting an interactive electronic form and CRM workflows to manage them, you’ll be able to free up time to focus on core objectives like filling positions efficiently with top talent and leaving a good impression with all interested applicants.

Here at WhiteOwl, we understand that the talent your company needs is not always easy to find. However, by simplifying and streamlining job applicant management, you’ll be better equipped to seek out talented individuals who can give your company the skills it needs. Give us a call today to learn how we can extend the value of Microsoft’s popular Dynamics CRM platform to help you streamline your recruiting practice and grow your business.

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