Jet Reports Financials: Advanced reporting in Business Central

Jet Reports Financials: Advanced reporting in Business Central

Many companies are expending more and more resources into learning the minutiae of their operations, in which data plays a key role. After all, data reveals how well or how poor business performance is. And for businesses aiming to gain a competitive advantage, every improvement on processes counts.

“Data reveals how well or how poor business performance is”

To improve processes with data analytics, it is prudent to first enhance the data gathering and reporting infrastructures of your organization. Business Central is already a good generator of business data, but you can leverage that gold mine of information further by using an equally powerful data reporting solution.

For our Miami-based Business Central users, we recommend Jet Reports Financials to improve their data reporting capabilities. It’s a great tool for generating sales and other business-related reports that is easy to integrate and use, even for small businesses.

What is Jet Reports Financials?

Jet Reports Financials is a fast and flexible financial reporting solution that helps eliminate errors in traditional reporting. The app is Excel-powered and Business Central-integrated, so you can be assured that data is gathered in real time as you conduct your business. What’s more, it can be used in a familiar and user-friendly environment.

How does Jet Reports Financials improve your Business Central experience?

With Jet Reports Financials, your business can produce error-free reports fast. It helps maximize your Microsoft 365 investment without requiring too much additional training and effort. The app also allows you to simply plug in data as usual and generate accurate reports at any given time.

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The main draw is that it’s once installed, Jet Reports Financials lives within the Microsoft Excel framework — an app most people are already familiar with. This helps reduce training costs and also helps lessen input mistakes. Secondly, the information storage environment on Jet Reports helps ensure that your data doesn’t live in a silo, so you can make decisive business choices.

Is it easy to integrate?

Yes. And not only does Jet Reports Financials integrate with Business Central, but it can also integrate with Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, and Dynamics SL.

Installing is as simple as looking up Jet Reports Financials in Microsoft AppSource and clicking on “Get It Now.” Just make sure you have sufficient computer permissions to install extensions (or let your IT team do it for you). Once installed, you can then set up user permissions for each of your Jet Reports Financials users. Lastly, you’ll receive a link to install the extension to Microsoft Excel. Simply click the link, wait for the installation to complete, and you’re all set.

How can I get Jet Reports Financials for my business?

Jet Reports Financials is free to download from Microsoft AppSource, but you’ll need a license to enjoy its full functionality. It is best to consult with your managed IT solutions provider so that they can provide a truly customized experience for you, while taking into account your budgetary concerns.

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Make it even simpler by partnering with WhiteOwl. We’ll take care of all the technical stuff so you can focus on running your business. Our technicians can evaluate your computing and communications infrastructure to meet your needs and standards. This includes installing Business Central and all the extensions you need, including the best-in-class Jet Reports Financials.

Make your business data work for you with Jet Reports Financials. Contact WhiteOwl today to learn about Jet Reports and other Business Central extensions that will help improve your productivity and growth potential.

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