Microsoft Dynamics GP to Business Central migration FAQs

Microsoft Dynamics GP to Business Central migration FAQs

Many Miami small- to mid-sized businesses are still on legacy accounting software, but more and more firms are shifting toward a more powerful and more flexible solution. One of the most common shifts nowadays is from Microsoft Dynamics GP to the cloud-powered Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Considering making the jump? Here are some common questions answered:

Is it time to exit Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a purely on-premise enterprises resource management (ERM) solution. In today’s business environment, a purely on-premises solution may no longer be adequate, especially since many companies are allowing employees to work on the go. And with the challenges brought to the surface by the coronavirus pandemic, working on a purely on-premises business solution holds companies back from operating at full capacity.

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You’ll know it’s time to make the jump to Business Central when one or more of the following happen:

  • Dynamics GP users are requesting mobile access.
  • You begin to need automation features, such as form filling.
  • You want better visibility over your business.
  • The cost of Dynamics GP upgrade is projected to exceed its original cost of deployment.

So if your business system is still on a premises-only infrastructure, you should seriously consider migrating to a cloud-powered solution. This will give your business flexibility along with some serious computing power to fuel your organization toward long-term growth.

Why move to Business Central?

Dynamics 365 Business Central is Microsoft’s response to the growing need for a powerful cloud-based/hybrid cloud ERM solution. Where Dynamics GP falls short, Dynamics 365 Business Central fills in the gaps — and then some. For instance, you’ll find automation and mobile syncing features on Business Central that are absent in Dynamics GP. These tools will help your employees become more productive in-office and even provide them with flexibility to work at home while keeping your data secure.

And because it is also designed by Microsoft, you can be assured that the interface is familiar, intuitive, and easy to learn and teach. This saves you valuable time in getting your employees comfortable with the system, and it also helps lessen input errors and other mistakes.

Is migration difficult?

Not at all. Business Central comes with a Cloud Migration Management-assisted setup guide to help you make that move easily. Cloud Migration Management does all the heavy lifting for you — all you’ll need to do is provide permissions and your choice of directory filing type, then follow the instructions provided.

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And because it is designed in the same mold as other popular and familiar apps in the Dynamics 365 family, you’ll have no trouble navigating your new ERM. To illustrate, when you migrate from Dynamics GP to Business Central, the following information is copied onto your new ERM:

  • Chart of Accounts master records
  • Customer master records
  • Outstanding customer transactions from the Receivables module
  • Vendor master records
  • Outstanding vendor transactions from the Payables module
  • Inventory items
  • Historical data from Receivables, Payables, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, and Inventory.

For a complete breakdown of migration outcomes, check out this official release.

Migrate with a trusted partner

Simplify your migration process even further by partnering with a trusted managed services provider like WhiteOwl. Our Dynamics 365 experts will help you make sense of every step in the process. We can even arrange a fully customized migration experience so it can be preconfigured to your business’s specific needs.

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Make your Dynamics 365 Business Central migration a breeze with WhiteOwl. Contact us today to schedule your free assessment.

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