Microsoft Teams for Logistics and Transportation Companies

Microsoft Teams for Logistics and Transportation Companies

South Florida’s logistics, trucking, and transportation companies are always looking for ways to improve their business processes. Many of them have turned to technology to improve costs, plan routes, and manage goods and services. They have also leveraged mobile devices and multi-platform connectivity to ensure that all stakeholders of their organization — whether they be at the headquarters or on the road — are united in achieving company goals.

A key technology that enables these logistics companies to streamline their work processes is Microsoft Teams. Teams helps them maximize reach while minimizing effort and cost. For instance, you can do the following:
Collaborate remotely
Microsoft Teams allows users to chat, work on the same documents, host video meetings, and open websites and many tools on a single platform. And because it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and Business Central, your team will have all the business data they need at their fingertips, no matter where they are working.

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These remote collaboration features are an excellent way to maintain a high level of productivity, even as your company faces social distancing challenges. With many employees working from home or on the road, a fully mobile collaboration app is integral to business success.

Stay connected

Teams is first and foremost a communications tool, and it doesn’t skimp on features when it comes to keeping your organization connected. The app has Chat, Channels, and Walkie Talkie features on its desktop, mobile, and web platforms. So, your team can easily stay in touch with both home base and other company truckers on the road.

The app doesn’t only allow you to maintain contact, but it also accommodates other media that you can use to work more efficiently. For instance, you can create shared calendars that let you and your employees view one another’s availability. This means you can easily schedule meetings and deadlines as well as to avoid scheduling conflicts, saving you time for more valuable tasks, like completing cargo and stowage plans or managing fleet assignments.

Manage your tasks

Teams makes it easy for multilocation teams to track task progress, as all information they need is updated in real time. This is thanks to Teams’ easy integration with all Microsoft 365 applications such as Word, Excel, and Outlook. No need to dig around and skip from app to app looking for project updates; you can easily view that information on the Teams interface.

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Project management and other task management features are also built into the app. This allows you to easily create chat channels, form collaboration teams, set task deadlines, and access multi-user collaboration fields anytime.

Customize your workspace

Lastly, Teams is a customizable platform that helps transform virtual workspaces into efficient and comfortable productivity zones. Users can customize the tabs, connectors, and other features they frequently use to gain quick access to documents and websites.

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And with Microsoft’s in-house and third-party Teams integrations, you can now install more features that will improve workflow, collaboration, and interaction. For example, you can use Microsoft Streams to directly stream instructional YouTube videos in your Teams video meetings. Or how about Polly, a polling and survey tool that you can use to quickly gather opinions and sentiments from staff? The opportunities are endless!

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