How SharePoint increases business productivity

How SharePoint increases business productivity

SharePoint is first and foremost a platform for creating websites, but not the kind you're thinking of. It integrates with Microsoft Office to promote team collaboration and proper content management with websites that only your team can access. It is a cloud program, and therefore is not installed on any of the computers in your office. Instead, users connect to it through a browser.

Since its release in 2001, SharePoint has helped countless companies in a variety of industries. Apart from building intranet sites, it boasts dozens of other features, which include file management, business automation, and system integration. All these help increase business productivity.

Top-Notch Website Creation and Management

SharePoint affords you all the tools necessary to create websites without using any special software or hiring a web developer. You can make a company site and perhaps one for every department to share updates, files, and calendar events. You can even build a site for each of your business partners so they can access specific media related to them.

Once a site is up and running, you have the power to make changes to its content, settings, and permission levels from almost any internet-connected device. SharePoint sites are responsive by design so you won’t have any problem viewing them from a mobile device.

Reliable Content Storage

SharePoint acts as a vast repository of documents with an organized filing system. Instead of saving the same document on local folders or a shared drive, you can store everything in one location, and you have complete control of who can access it.

Perhaps you need a company-wide knowledge base that can be accessed and edited by anyone with permission — it may include task lists, discussion boards, calendars, or anything that would otherwise require multiple people to coordinate over email or chat. SharePoint also sends you notifications any time your files are altered or updated so you can keep tabs on everything.

Improved Collaboration

SharePoint fosters teamwork by making it easier for departments to stay connected. Your employees can work together from anywhere using mobile devices to connect to internal company sites and interactive feeds. A finance staff member can create a desktop document, someone from payroll can update it from the SharePoint site, and an HR employee can approve the document from a mobile device.

Imagine the convenience of not having to email edited files back and forth. Instead, you can use SharePoint's dead-simple search feature, which includes document previews and detailed search refiners. This eliminates hundreds of unnecessary messages and streamlines business processes, encouraging productivity across all departments.

Your team doesn't even need to spend all that much time learning a new system to take advantage of all these benefits. SharePoint is user-friendly so navigating it is a breeze. The last thing you want is your sales team spending hours understanding how it works rather than focusing on their delegated tasks.

Enhanced Project Management

SharePoint works wonders in terms of project management. Each site you create comes with a shared inbox, a calendar, and a planner to manage tasks. You can create agendas for employees to discuss tasks at hand, deadlines, and project rosters.

Accurate Insights

SharePoint also helps you make sense of the immense amounts of content it stores. You can create standardized reports chock-full of information that is aggregated from budgetary spreadsheets, company invoices, and press releases. All these make data analysis and visualization easier and the entire decision-making process a lot more strategic.

Business-Specific Possibilities

If you need your internal sites to accommodate tasks specific to your business or its products, SharePoint is meant to be customized and extended. After all, there is no off-the-shelf software or operating system that is programmed for your individual needs. Turn to programs like SharePoint Designer or Visio to produce custom workflows, libraries, or lists, all without using codes. SharePoint can also read data from third-party applications and allow you to securely view it within the platform.

SharePoint has helped companies boost productivity for almost two decades. Contact our team today so we can discuss its wonderful merits and how they apply to your South Florida business.

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