Some Business Central keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier

Some Business Central keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier

Keyboard shortcuts improve navigation efficiency and accessibility, as they maximize the use of different areas and elements on a page. Using Business Central keyboard shortcuts helps users work faster, although learning how to use all of them may take a while. But providing your business's users with a list of some of the most important shortcuts will certainly come in handy, as they can explore all the ways to make work easier.

According to a study titled “Comparison of Mouse and Keyboard Efficiency,” the menu-keyboard method of selection is “more efficient after practice when compared to the menu-mouse system of selection” because it eliminates the time spent for hand travel between mouse and keyboard. Many adept users can even begin inputting text while the other hand is doing something different, so it would be ideal for mid- to long-term users to use keystroke sequences to select from a large number of task-related commands.

Here are some useful and common shortcuts your users must remember.

Windows Mac Action
Alt + F2 Alt + F2 Show and hide the FactBox pane
Alt + N Alt + N Create a new record
Alt + Q Alt + O Add a new note for the selected record
Alt + Up Alt + Q Open Tell Me
Alt + Shift + W Alt + T Open My Settings
Ctrl + Shift + F12 Ctrl + Insert Insert a new line on a document
Alt + Down Arrow Alt + Up Arrow Open tooltip or validation error
F6 F6 Move to the next FastTab
Alt + T Alt + Down Arrow Open a dropdown or look-up
Ctrl + F1 Ctrl + Delete Delete the line on a document or journal
Shift + F12 Ctrl + Shift + F12 Maximize the line items portion on a document page
Ctrl + A Ctrl + A Select all rows
Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V Command + C / Command + V Copy/Paste
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F3 Shift + Alt + F3 Add filter

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