The benefits of business process automation for Accounting firms

Technology is constantly evolving, and it’s important to acknowledge that its benefits aren’t only felt at the consumer and producer levels. Business process automation (BPA) is a game-changing technology that's disrupting several industries. BPA can be applied to procedures or sets of procedures, meaning it isn’t too complicated to deploy and can benefit small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Many accounting companies already deploy BPA in some form.

10 Dashboard KPIs every CFO should have at their fingertips

Driving financial strategies to improve profits, keep costs down, and generate a fluent cash flow is no easy task for any chief financial officer (CFO). Thankfully, there are modern financial management solutions that make their work easier. Sage Intacct and D365 Business Central, for example, have built-in dashboard metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that help CFOs facilitate their controllership, treasury, economic strategy, and forecasting duties.

How modern financial management systems shape the way we work

The role of the finance department is essential to any enterprise; managing assets such as cash, accounts receivables, and stocks. That’s why any delay, inconsistency, or error in reporting is considered critical. To prevent the business from steering away from their financial KPIs and goals, organizations use financial management systems.

How to unify multi-entity organizations with Sage Intacct

It's a good time to be running a business and it’s not uncommon for small- and medium-sized companies to expand into multi-entity enterprises in the span of a few years. On top of that, a recent report from Small Business Trends found that 72% of small businesses plan to go global in 2017.

That's exciting news, but businesses with multiple offices are an accounting nightmare without the right tools.

How the cloud is changing the role of the CFO

Just as cloud computing is changing IT infrastructures and processes, it is also changing the job descriptions of many employees outside the tech department. Traditionally, a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) was expected to manage the financial risks of the company and keep a close eye on monthly revenues and balance sheets.

How resource management software leads to business success

When a company’s accounting and resource management processes are running on several systems, a business may suffer from poor visibility, inconsistent procedures, and slow, ill-informed decision-making. Today, both large and small businesses need a unified solution that can make their operations run smoothly and effectively.

The meteoric rise of accounting software

Accounting technology has completely transformed the average business in the past few years, and continues to have a profound positive impact on a range of tasks and processes therein. With transaction automation, electronic workflows and advanced document management all becoming more feasible investments for organizations of all sizes, efficiency and accuracy improvements have been widespread among adopters.

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