How Virtualization Benefits Disaster Recovery

Most of us are aware of the importance of backing up data, but there’s a lot more to disaster recovery than backup alone. It’s important to recognize the fact that disaster recovery and backup are not interchangeable. Rather, backup is a critical element of disaster recovery.

How Machine Learning Is Transforming Enterprise Resource Planning

Modern businesses are extremely reliant on their technology to the extent that they find themselves facing increasingly enormous data sets. In most organizations, that data is easily their most valuable commodity. Yet, it’s the ability to make sense of all this data that enables an organization to leverage technology to its fullest potential and remain at the forefront of innovation.

Is your business outgrowing QuickBooks?

Ask any owner of a small business which accounting software they use, and chances are most of them will say QuickBooks. For many years, the software has been the gold standard in the small-business environment, and it remains by far the most popular on-premises solution.

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