How to Choose the Right Office 365 Plan for Your Business

One of the many advantages of migrating to Office 365 is that it allows businesses to enjoy the latest software and services for a predictable monthly fee, rather than having to worry about major up-front investments and paying for regular upgrades.

Although Microsoft Office is also available in the form of a standalone purchase for both home and business users, Office 365 presents a subscription-based alternative that comes with many additional services and features that businesses can choose from.

4 Signs that Your Business Needs Custom Software

With a multitude of off-the-shelf software to choose from, custom-designed software might seem unnecessary, but there are many situations in which it can boost performance and efficiency. After all, every organization has a unique set of needs, some of which might not be satisfied when utilizing generic, off-the-shelf software.

ERP’s evolution in 2018

As computing workloads become ever more demanding, organizations need to find more efficient ways to manage their core business processes. That’s why enterprise resource management software has become essential for almost any company that has graduated from the startup phase.

Everything You Need to Know to Ensure a Smooth Cloud Migration

According to recent studies, more than 90% of businesses now use the cloud for a portion of their computing workloads.

Nonetheless, for any organization thinking of making that move, planning such a transition can be a daunting task. IT managers often fear that projects will be fraught with unforeseen complications, but with some careful planning and by working with the right company, there should be no reason for disruptions to affect your everyday operations.

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