4 things to look for in a cloud backup solution

Almost every business leader understands the importance of having an off-site data backup in place. After all, having any single point of failure in your business is a recipe for disaster. However, before cloud computing came along, the available options were limited: organizations had to rely on manually archiving their data and having it shipped to an off-site storage facility.

The True Cost of Failing to Migrate to the Cloud

A few years ago, it was easy to dismiss the cloud as nothing more than the latest hyped-up trend in the world of corporate IT. Nowadays, well over two-thirds of companies are planning to migrate to a fully software-defined, cloud-hosted data center within the next two years.

Why Healthcare Organizations Are Turning to Intacct

Many healthcare organizations are expanding into new locations and growing rapidly to meet demand. However, with every expansion comes a new set of challenges and a host of compliance and security issues that need to be met head-on. That’s why the cloud has become one of the most important technology trends of our time -- not just in healthcare, but in organizations of every type and scope.

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