The benefits of customer relationship management software, from industry to industry

The benefits of customer relationship management software, from industry to industry

Data drives modern business, which is why customer-centric software solutions are a big thing nowadays. Smart businesses aim for growth and profitability by making use of multifaceted solutions that are budget-friendly and robust, to maximize customer potentials at all times.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a tried-and-tested application that empowers businesses to turn client data into business opportunities. It’s a great tool for enterprises — no matter what the size — to experience the full customer relationship management (CRM) experience without having to shell out enormous amounts of money.

Here are some ways certain industries benefit from using this CRM tool:

For medical equipment suppliers

Medical equipment suppliers often deal with other companies on a business-to-business (B2B) capacity, handling a lot of recurring/returning bulk customer orders. In these cases, Dynamics 365 for Sales is used to process customer orders, verify insurance eligibility, securely access medical records, and automate technical processes such as sales and prescription acquisition.

For law firms

Dynamics 365 for Sales systems allow attorneys and their staff to organize and manage client information, business development, and client profitability. Thanks to various third-party integrations, Dynamics 365 can provide real-time dashboards that monitor performance and profitability.

CRMs helps save time and money for both attorney and client through efficient data management and powerful metrics. By having all possible information at their fingertips, lawyers are able to devise smart strategies, better anticipate the opposition, and make well-informed decisions. All this helps further strengthen the bond between attorney and client.

For retail energy suppliers

Retail energy suppliers (RESs) are known for better customer service than utility suppliers because they compete with other RESs, unlike utility suppliers that are sometimes government-owned (or are very large multistate corporations, if investor-owned). With such close interaction with clients, especially businesses, RESs need a way to keep client data coherent and accessible.

RESs use Dynamics 365 for Sales to create a single platform for sales and credit management. The tool is also a great way to apply customer retention strategies, as well as automate processes like credit checks and pricing engines for contract rates.

For financial services

Financial firms provide a variety of money services, which often require highly targeted marketing to upsell to the right people. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service helps financial firms track and manage client information to personalize experiences and interactions, the way 59% of customers say they like their customer service.

On top of customer experience, the software also gives powerful insights and other perks for managers and administrators. The software’s data input systems streamline disparate workflows and let clients access their accounts from self-service portals, freeing up more time for your employees to further improve customer experience and satisfaction.

There are two kinds of businesses that benefit from CRM solutions: small businesses looking to grow and big businesses seeking large-scale solutions. Either way, WhiteOwl is the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service vendor of choice for Miami businesses of any size and scope. Find out what we can do for yours. Contact us today.

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