Top 5 signs your business is ready for managed services

Top 5 signs your business is ready for managed services

The digital age has opened doors to new, more efficient ways of conducting business, but it has also forced businesses to make some capital adjustments, such as investing on servers, computers, and the like.

These assets are powerful profit-drivers, but they come with their own sets of needs. For instance, server management requires a room with adequate cooling, an internet infrastructure that can accommodate the uplink and downlink requirements of the business, and a skilled IT department.

Understandably, not all enterprises are large enough or generate enough income to justify having a full-sized IT department on standby. Labor can be quite expensive, especially since specialists are needed, and having that kind of cost on top of a budget already stretched thin by overhead might be too much for many small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to afford.

A modern solution for this modern problem is a managed service provider (MSP). MSPs provide remote management of a customer’s IT infrastructure and end-user systems, usually on a proactive basis and under a subscription model. Typical service charges come per-device, per-user, or as an all-inclusive package.

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  1. Your infrastructure is outdated
  2. Outdated IT infrastructure — also referred to as legacy systems — are silent business killers, as they have many unnecessary and invisible costs. Companies that still use legacy systems also run the risk of becoming obsolete.

  3. You need to free up your budget
  4. Servers need proper care and maintenance to function efficiently. Servers are not something you can simply slap together, plug in, and leave unattended until you replace it with a new one. They require regular monitoring, maintenance, and updates.

    To do this, you need IT professionals who can be quite costly since they’re paid by the hour. The median salary for an IT manager in the United States in 2017 was at $139,220, which is equivalent to around $72 per hour. This figure goes up to more than $100 per hour for big cities such as Los Angeles and New York.
    $139,000 a year is a lot of money to spend on one IT manager. What if you need two or more?

  5. You need more information than your current system can provide
  6. Legacy systems tend to be proprietary, meaning they are likely to be a set of different programs from different vendors, all working together to do a set of jobs a single modern system could accomplish in half the time.

    One weakness of patchwork systems is, they often have no way of generating data across multiple programs. This leaves businesses with nothing more than basic metrics from each program.

    MSPs can provide software-as-a-service (SaaS) setups that cover all business processes under one application. These systems provide comprehensive, seamless data so you don’t have to manually stitch together data from different programs to see the bigger picture of your organization.

  7. You need to scale up or down
  8. Let’s face it, many businesses deal with scaling their operations up or down, depending on the economic climate, opportunities, and threats that manifest. This isn’t something that SMBs can easily ignore because onsite servers are costly to buy and maintain, and scaling up or down can mean underutilizing their assets or investing in more just to keep up.

    Partnering with an MSP solves this problem in one fell swoop. Since you don’t own their servers, you don’t become burdened by their costs. You simply use them as you need them.

  9. Your system support is struggling
  10. Older systems become obsolete and so do the service skills required for their maintenance and upkeep. There is no incentive for program developers to provide support for their older programs, especially if there remains just a handful of users per region.

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