Top ERP trends to watch in 2019

Top ERP trends to watch in 2019

The year 2018 has been amazing for enterprise resource planning (ERP) software developers, vendors, and users alike. Businesses that implemented an ERP system have realized all the ways it can streamline accounting, reduce costs, and improve decision-making. What was initially thought of by some as an option is now a necessity for businesses of all types and sizes.

The surge in adoption can be attributed to the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and the emergence of cloud deployment. As the end of the business year draws near, these exciting trends will trumpet the ERP revolution for 2019:

Enhanced security

ERP software developers will double their efforts to ease security concerns regarding implementation, so expect ERP systems to have tighter access restrictions, advanced encryption systems, and AI-powered threat detection to ensure full data protection. Businesses, on the other hand, will be more serious in adopting security audits and security management procedures to make sure no data ends up in the wrong hands.

Cybersecurity measures will no longer be relegated to the backseat as business owners become more aware of the dangers of data breaches. They want their employees to be able to access and analyze data using tools available within their ERP solution without having to worry about getting hacked.

Software developers have always tried to stay ahead of security threats, and 2019 will be no different, especially as Homeland Security recently warned of a spike in ERP systems attacks. With proper security measures, organizations will learn the most relevant vulnerabilities that they should mitigate.

Mobile compatibility

ERP software manufacturers understand that the workplace of the future isn't in a closed office cubicle. More companies are using mobile devices and gearing up to work remotely, which is why ERP systems will likely be mobile compatible and offer more mobile-friendly features.

Employees are able to make informed decisions quickly when they have complete visibility into their operations from anywhere with any device. As companies learn more about the benefits of real-time communication and data sharing, many will be open to the idea of remote work. ERP software manufacturers, in turn, will further improve this functionality, making sure their product is specifically designed to address complexities that come with mobilizing data.

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Increased SMB adoption

ERP implementation will see a drastic increase next year, thanks to small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) getting more acquainted with the app. As they learn more about its significantly expanded capabilities, they discover how it facilitates growth, cost reduction, and customer satisfaction.

Clearly, ERP isn’t just for large companies anymore. Organizations will no longer ask themselves the question “To ERP or not to ERP?” and this goes to businesses of all sizes, including and especially the smaller ones. They realize that a single, end-to-end platform for managing all aspects of business is an indispensable tool in gaining a competitive advantage.

SMBs in South Florida, for instance, have been taking advantage of ERP systems because of their superior functionality and easy deployment. On a global scale, it is expected that the ERP market will have grown to $47 billion by 2022.

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