What you need to know about Microsoft Azure for Healthcare (Part 2)

What you need to know about Microsoft Azure for Healthcare (Part 2)

The list of benefits of Microsoft Azure for Healthcare goes on, as it proves to be a pivotal application in many business success stories. South Florida-based insurance and pharmaceutical companies will be pleased to learn that Azure’s capabilities aren’t limited to just hospitals and clinics. Here are some of the ways it can help your healthcare company:

Benefits for payors and insurers

  • Enhanced member experience

    Customer service is all about providing convenience and reliability without sacrificing quality. With Azure, you can develop your own AI-driven customer service bots that customers can use to find more information about your services and health plans. This can help turn a usually complicated and confusing experience into a simple, easy one.

    This intelligent virtual assistant is powered by the Microsoft Healthcare Bot Service, which brings conversational AI to healthcare. The service pairs medical intelligence with natural language capabilities to transform patient experience and reduce the burden of healthcare companies.

  • Boosted care management

    Care management doesn’t refer only to medical intervention provided by healthcare providers; it also encompasses the deployment of care from ancillary services and the like. For instance, a critical component of care management is ensuring medicines are appropriately stocked so that patients who need them can easily get them. It may seem like a small thing, but it can truly define how clients perceive your business overall.

    Azure can be used to ensure supply is always available without the business incurring unnecessary risk. Azure-powered pharmacies and retailers do this by leveraging Azure’s AI and machine learning capabilities to forecast item-store combinations, ensuring that any customer who walks in to purchase medicine can count on products being available.

  • Reduced costs

    In the fast-paced world of modern healthcare, information systems can make or break your operations. And at any scale, cost is a major consideration for implementing IT systems. For this reason, Microsoft devised a system that is not only robust and scalable, but can also contribute to cost savings.

    Azure helps cut costs by taking over certain processes, such as payments and claims processing. Zelis Healthcare, for example, has saved more than $24 billion in network and claims costs through Azure’s processes. The system has been instrumental in reducing errors, cutting waste, and eliminating abuse, helping the healthcare technology company meet their $1 trillion spending reduction goal in 2019.

Benefits for pharmaceutical and life science companies

  • Empowered consumers

    Diagnostics and assessments are the crux of effective medical intervention, but tend to leave clients overwhelmed with their options. And in the era of patient-provider partnerships, healthcare companies are always seeking to have informed and empowered clients.

    In the pursuit of empowering consumers, companies are making use of Azure’s Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to automate information dissemination and diagnostics. With Azure, users are able to remotely monitor and manage diagnostics solutions, optimize device availability with preventive maintenance, and recommend the best healthcare solutions to patients with data-powered information.

  • Heightened business agility

    Smaller businesses require business agility to survive; a lack of flexibility and adaptability can be catastrophic, especially if they have limited resources to weather storms or grow. With Azure and its host of cloud capabilities, keeping up with the changing conditions of business is simple and non-intrusive.

    Migrating on-premises SAP systems is a breeze with Azure. This boosts flexibility, reliability, and sustainability, not to mention ease of implementation. Azure-based SAP applications are a great jump-off point for launching other solutions, such as electronic document flows and other data management technologies.

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