Why Dynamics 365 Business Central is the better cloud ERP solution

Why Dynamics 365 Business Central is the better cloud ERP solution

Once upon a time, advanced data technologies were luxuries only big businesses could afford since they were costly and required specialized skill sets to maintain. That changed in the advent of the cloud, which vastly improved the way businesses utilize technology.

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central is one such success — widely recognized as one of the most powerful and most reliable ERP solutions in the world, it’s at the forefront of enterprise digital transformation.

Here are some of the ways in which Business Central has set the digital transformation bar:

Flexible licensing and hosting

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can be licensed on either a monthly or a perpetual basis, and can only be acquired through vetted cloud solution providers via the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. CSPs in this program adhere to a strict set of consultation and deployment rules, ensuring that Business Central users are provided with the highest level of integration and support from day one.

Most small- to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) subscribe to the service on a monthly basis to make their organization more agile and easily adapt to varying levels of output and scale of operations.

Business Central is available to enterprises through two license types: Essentials and Premium. Essentials covers invoicing, purchasing, opportunity, management, budgets, finance, fixed assets, purchasing order management, resource management, workflow, contract management, simple inventory, advanced sales, advanced inventory, and distribution. Meanwhile, Premium covers everything under Essentials, plus service management and manufacturing.

Compliance features

Business today spans all corners of the globe — even SMBs are able to compete and serve at a global scale because of the cloud. It is therefore important for companies to adapt to the different laws and regulations in the industries and countries where they operate.

With Business Central, this is not an issue. The software is designed for international use as well as industry specific, meaning you can adjust its settings so that business information is collected and stored in ways that comply with local and international laws. Such compliance can be governed to accounting (GAAP, SOX, IFRS) or industry specific (ISO, HIPAA, FDA CFR). You can also generate reports in other languages and currencies, saving you time and costs you would normally have to expend on translators and local accountants.

Customizability and flexibility

While Business Central comes practically ready to use out of the box with many useful functions, it also features industry-specific tools that let users configure the system and generate data most needed in their line of work.

Business Central’s cloud-based data storage and management systems are designed to be accessible while uncompromising in terms of security and data integrity regardless of the industry in which a business operates. It’s a great way to mobilize your workforce, scale up or down from season to season, and save on infrastructure costs all at once.

Vast integration apps

Business Central comes with built-in intelligent business apps that connect and process data throughout your operations like inventory, sales, fixed assets and account payables. Since Business Central is cloud based, it easily integrates with apps to further enhance its capabilities. You can choose from an array of apps such as PaperSave, Power BI, Microsoft Flow, Office 365, and many more to help automate, streamline and optimize your business. With all these available apps, you’ll be able to develop key insights about your company’s financial and operational health at a touch of a finger.

Getting data doesn’t even have to be a matter of routine — get all the information you need at any given time with Power BI dashboards, which are built into Business Central.

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