Why tech and software companies still choose managed IT

Why tech and software companies still choose managed IT

Many people perceive tech and software companies to be the homes of reclusive digital gurus who can do no wrong when it comes to anything digital. And while that is probably true to some degree, many tech companies still outsource a vital business component that many believe they ought to be already good at: IT.

Partnering with a managed IT services provider (MSP) is absolutely not a knock on your business, even if you operate in the tech industry. Keeping all your IT needs in-house may hurt your productivity, especially if you run a small- or medium-sized business. And an MSP brings in a host of solutions that you may not realize you urgently need. For instance:

MSPs help you comply with data regulations more effectively

Compliance isn’t always a straightforward task, especially if your business is subject to overlapping regulatory requirements. Failing to meet regulations, especially those pertaining to privacy and data protection, all but ensures the company faces litigation or worse.

Furthermore, compliance isn’t free. In the tech industry, compliance issues stem from labor laws, data privacy laws, and product quality standards. In Florida, specifically, tech companies must meet the Florida Information Protection Act (FIPA), Florida Product Approval System, and Fair Labor Standards Act rules. This results in spending a significant amount of resources just to meet regulations.

Having an MSP to lean on frees you from much of that burden. MSPs themselves are subject to quality standards and compliance requirements, so you can be assured that they will always bring their A game. For instance, WhiteOwl can help you set up a bring your own device (BYOD) system to meet labor needs, as well as provide you with software systems that can be configured to meet FIPA mandates.

MSPs allow you to focus on your specialty

Just because a business operates in the tech industry does not automatically mean that they’re experts in all IT minutiae. Tech companies are specialists of software development, and not necessarily IT department support. Furthermore, internal resources should be spending more time generating revenue and improving customer service, not troubleshooting IT problems in the office. That’s what an MSP is for.

A reputable MSP will address all your tech needs, from day-to-day tech disturbances to big ticket system issues such as sudden downtime or security breaches. This leaves your staff free to work on your core operations.

This is why many companies choose to partner with an MSP. Many providers offer solutions and services where compliance comes as default. This saves your team the headache of having to meet legal standards on tight deadlines, and it frees them up to focus on bringing out the best in your actual products and services.

MSPs help you manage costs

IT often gets put on the back burner, especially when it comes to budgeting. Business IT isn’t always something management grasps intensively, so it can be easy to slot it lower in the priority list. But many business leaders fail to realize that investing in their IT system often results in improved efficiency and reduced costs in the long run. Don’t make this mistake for your business.

MSPs help cut costs by leveraging scalability and innovation. You’ll find that they can provide you with enterprise-grade tech solutions without the cost and commitment of an in-house IT system. For instance, WhiteOwl’s IT services can be availed of on a pay-as-you-need basis. This way, you only spend on what you need as the need arises.

MSPs compartmentalize downtime difficulties

Downtime is the bane of small internet-powered businesses. It results in lost connectivity to clients and suppliers, lost productivity, and lost opportunities for customer engagement and sales. Furthermore, failing to address downtime quickly effectively means that your competitors could be staking their claim on what is supposed to be your market share. And that’s no good for any business.

With an MSP, downtime can be all but eliminated. This is because a good MSP will configure your information system to accommodate partitions and redundancies. With these features, you can be assured that 1) when a sector does go down, it doesn’t take your entire system down with it, and 2) when you experience downtime, backup data will be at the ready so you can recover within minutes.

IT issues are a walk in the park with WhiteOwl, South Florida’s premier managed solutions provider. We’ll help you prepare for any IT challenges your business may encounter — both the foreseen and the unforeseen. Contact us today to learn more.

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