Retail Electric Supplier Significantly Improves Sales & Marketing Processes, Gaining New Customers


Industry: Retail Electric

The Challenge: A mid-market retail electric supplier wanted to reduce the time needed to price contracts in order to stay competitive.

The Solution: Using Dynamics CRM, Whiteowl built a platform for back office systems and for marketing to execute digital marketing campaigns and engage with clients.

Results: After integrating the necessary back office systems with Dynamics CRM, the company reduced the time to price contracts. The sales team was also able to prevent duplicate accounts from being created.

Business Challenge

A mid-market retail electric supplier had been using Salesforce and a set of disconnected systems to manage their customers and processes for pricing, credit checks, and usage acquisition. To provide a rate quote to a potential customer, users needed to manually request gather utilities data. If there were data entry errors or missing customer details, users would have to resolve them before continuing.

With so many manual procedures, it often took hours for the electric supplier to provide a rate quote. Their competitors were already providing quotes in less than one hour. This extra time often caused the company to lose potential customers.


The electric supplier looked to WhiteOwl to perform a thorough analysis of its processes and implement a solution to integrate a number of the back office systems onto a single platform and automate and remove manual steps where possible. Using Dynamics CRM, WhiteOwl architected a solution that automated the process of requesting usage data, implemented an automated credit approval and review process, and integrated and streamlined the activities of the sales, credit, and pricing teams.

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the back office systems eliminated many manual steps and changed a number of key business process from water-fall to parallel. “The credit team could be checking a customer’s credit while the sales support teams continued setting up the deal”, explained Amar Lokhnath, WhiteOwl CRM Director. “Because everything was connected in one place, we used Dynamics CRM to automate 120 different workflows.” Taking advantage of CRM’s extensibility features, integrations to Dun & Bradstreet and Experian were added to the system to validate customer addresses, DUNS numbers, and customer names which eliminated data entry errors and allowed the company to eliminate a number of manual steps.

The internal teams were pleased to discover duplicate service accounts and customer records could no longer be created, thus preventing sales channels conflicts over customer ownership. Plus, they could now provide more accurate and timely rate quotes, significantly reducing errors in the process.

Using the Dynamics CRM add-on from Click Dimensions, the company was able to streamline and execute a digital marketing strategy that involved setting up specific campaigns with landing pages to track leads all the way through to the sales process and receive reporting.

Most importantly, the company now has a platform that can evolve over time as business conditions change and allows its employees the opportunity to update processes with autonomy.

Measures of Success
Created a pipeline process for the sales, pricing, and credit teams to better organize their workload.
Removed manual steps needed to retrieve customer usage data by having CRM automatically make requests for service account usage.
Removed manual entry of customer and pricing data into the pricing tool by integrating CRM to push this data automatically.
Reduced the number of customer credit reviews by automating approvals based on the company’s predefined rules.
Added systematic verification of business rules that resulted in less user errors.
Eliminated duplicate customer records and service accounts from the sales process using Dynamics CRM duplicate detection rules.
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