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Looking for a flexible, modern, and affordable ERP solution?

While the Professional Services Industry is diverse, many companies share common business needs and challenges across the industry. Whether your business is an Accounting, Law, Engineering, or Architect firm, you’re looking for methods to optimize profits and keep costs low. An ERP system is key in helping Professional Services firms with core business functionalities such as finance, billing, HR, and project management.

With a Cloud-based ERP you can:

  • Automate and Integrate key accounting process across centers
  • Real-Time Dashboards for better financial forecasts and decision making
  • Reduce Costs
  • Scalability

What Makes WhiteOwl Different?

  • Full ERP implementation
  • Ability to customize ERP based on your business needs
  • Data Migration
  • Third party integration capabilities
  • Training and post go-live support
  • Document Management (PaperSave), workflows, and automation

How can WhiteOwl help your business?

We offer a fully featured suite of services, ranging from ERP, CRM, and Managed IT Services.

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