Business Process Automation

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For your complex business needs, WhiteOwl puts processes in place to position your company for growth and align your technology portfolio with your business strategies. Our consultants bring the deep experience and breadth of knowledge you are looking for in a technology solution company. We’ll roadmap your best path for growth and increased profitability.

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The Benefits to Business Process Automation:

  • Efficiency – Implement workflows from start to finish, automatically track progress, and be more proactive about resolving bottlenecks
  • Better Visibility – Get a better view of how your organization works across all departments
  • Consistency – Automate process to remove redundant-error prone tasks, resulting in higher quality results


Our approach ensures that software is designed to meet business requirements/needs while at the same time accomplishing the four tenets of superior software design – maintainability, extensibility, scalability, and reusability.

Our expertise includes understanding legacy as well as leading edge technologies. We have engineered complex software systems; from successful web based storefronts to fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems using technologies such as mainframe automation, imaging, text recognition, service oriented architectures, smart client development, and more.

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