CRM Solutions

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Beyond Sales and Marketing

WhiteOwl’s CRM solutions extend the value of the Dynamics CRM platform to accommodate relationship management activities beyond traditional sales and marketing. Work with us to create a robust system to manage processes and foster collaboration.


Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers: WhiteOwl improves business processes by integrating systems and automating manual steps for durable medical equipment suppliers. Our solutions help process customer orders and automate sales processes from start to finish. Using Dynamics CRM, users can verify insurance eligibility, automate prescription acquisition, access all medical records instantly from document management systems such as PaperSave®, and seamlessly track pricing, inventory and shipping information from ERP systems such as Dynamics GP.

Law Firms: WhiteOwl builds company-wide Dynamics CRM systems for attorneys and their supporting staff to manage client information, matters, business development, and client profitability. Our implementations integrate third party systems, providing real-time dashboards to help you monitor performance and profitability metrics.

Retail Energy Suppliers: For retail energy suppliers, WhiteOwl uses Dynamics CRM to create a single platform to manage sales, pricing, credit, and the customer retention process. We integrate to 3rd party systems such as pricing engines for contract rates, providers for meter read data, Microsoft SharePoint for document management or Dynamics GP for accounting. We also automate credit checks via integration with third party creditors.

Financial Services: WhiteOwl helps financial institutions manage deal pipeline, conduct fund raising, increase managed assets and financing activities, while keeping in constant contact with referral sources and leads. Our performance dashboards also help you track sales activities, isolate key trends, and identify your most valuable prospects or customers. For financial institutions providing loan services, WhiteOwl gives you a central place to manage all processing and activities while automating the qualification process of applicants based on business rules. Our CRM solutions integrate with your website for lead capture and qualification while syncing with third party financial data.