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What is ERP? ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and, at its simplest form, integrates various databases to streamline process and information throughout your organization. Used by thousands of companies to manage the core business operations such as finance, customer service, procurement, HR, project management, and others; ERP systems have become essential to running the day-to-day tasks for businesses everywhere.

Today’s technology, allows organizations from small, mid-size, to large corporations can choose the right ERP deployment model (Cloud-based, on-premise, or hybrid) that works best for their industry and business needs.

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The Benefits to ERP:

  • Better Decision Making – Gain in-depth view to company’s operation using reliable and consolidated data
  • Automation – Implement workflows to reduce repetitive error-prone tasks and increase productivity
  • Reduce Operational Costs – Standardize processes and eliminate non-value added activities/expenditures
  • Scalability – Flexibility to accommodate your strategy and processes to grow in new markets/products/services

Why WhiteOwl?

WhiteOwl provides scalable ERP systems to facilitate intelligent decision making, budgeting, planning and forecasting. Work with us to integrate disparate systems and eliminate silos of information. We’ll help you increase access to real time data throughout your organization, so you can better understand and manage your operations.

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