Networking & Communications

Today's business environment places increasing demands (rapid change, financial constraints, security and reliability concerns and interconnectedness) on Information Technology in order to meet the expanding needs of a wide variety of stakeholders. Technology advances have enabled organizations to better meet these demands and have created many new business opportunities. Businesses are increasingly dependent on their information technology systems and are, therefore, more vulnerable to failures in these systems. While rock-solid technology is necessary to meet demands for reliable, available and secure systems, technology alone is not sufficient-excellence in processes and people is also needed.

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WhiteOwl's experienced Microsoft and Cisco certified professionals work closely with you to understand the business and operational requirements, effectively and efficiently deploy the solution to your organization and operate the solution with excellence in order to deliver a service that the business trusts.

Whether you have an existing infrastructure in place, are upgrading or need assistance with implementing new systems, we provide the following services:

Microsoft Infrastructure Design and Maintenance

Increase Systems Availability and Decrease Recovery Complexity. Business and Information Technology exist in a delicate balance: one that can rapidly foster innovation-and bring it to a grinding halt just as quickly. We understand this challenge and through the use of redundant and backup hardware and software technologies, design and deploy highly available computing environments.

Reduce Operational Expenditures. As a result of automating the deployment and standardization of operating systems, applications and their updates, in addition to remote management and support capabilities, we help simplify and lower the costs of Information Technology deployment, management and operations. This means more resources for reinvestment in your business.

Microsoft Exchange and Anytime, Anywhere Access

We live in a world where one can effortlessly find, access, manage and share information. By working closely with your business to implement technologies such as Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Windows Terminal Services and wireless connectivity, a rich integrated collaboration infrastructure is available no matter where you might be.

Information Security and Virus Prevention

Improve Employee Productivity. Let's face it-computers can crash, employees can install unwanted and incompatible software and viruses and spyware can infect your systems. By preventing employees from intentionally or unintentionally modifying these systems, automating the deployment and updating of antivirus, antispyware and other threat prevention technologies and standardizing workstation deployment operations, we help minimize the loss of employee productivity caused by these nuisances.

Secure Routing and Communications

Enhance Information Confidentiality, Integrity, Access Control and Accountability. Today's interconnected world provides tremendous opportunities-and an unintended consequence: an interdependent electronic ecosystem that is vulnerable to attack. By implementing a layered defense of built-in and third party security technologies, we make it possible for an organization to safeguard their critical information assets.

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