Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Helping businesses boost sales performance and increase bottom line

Today’s buyers are busier, more informed, and have higher expectations of the products and services they use. This means salespeople are now required to be more persuasive by focusing on the products’ value, and be more engaging.

WhiteOwl offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales for businesses that wish to improve their Sales department by gaining social insights and up-to-date buyer information. These enable your salespersons to target the right buyers and better understand their pain points, allowing them to hold meaningful conversations that add value. Your managers can also monitor sales results in real time to see whether or not you’ve reached your goals and create forecasts of future sales based on historical and predictive data.

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Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales?

  • Manage sales performance - easily track results and gain insights into current and future sales
  • Build relationship - target the right leads, build trust, and foster sales relationships by gaining insights with LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Dynamics 365
  • Increase productivity - sell faster by streamlining business processes and getting buyer data from apps like Office 365 and LinkedIn
  • High mobility - meet your customer requests on the go or in your office using any mobile device

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales helps connect your buyers and sellers with business processes so you can deliver services faster, keep your customers happy, and enjoy higher profits. If you’re interested in having an improved sales team, get started with WhiteOwl today.

Want to establish strong, sustainable customer relationships to meet your sales objective efficiently with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales? Contact WhiteOwl.

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