Power BI

Make informed decisions based on accurate data that is presented on an interactive platform

If your business needs comprehensive business intelligence capabilities, Microsoft's Power BI module is the answer. It is delivered via an interactive interface that is designed to be used easily by employees at every level of an organization. Whether it’s used by staff or C-level decision makers, for data presentation or custom reports, Microsoft Power BI efficiently addresses issues of security, cohesiveness, and collaboration when handling analytics.

Finally, you can eliminate misaligned team goals or trial-and-error decision-making. A modern BI solution is just what your organization needs to keep everyone in the loop as to where your company is heading, or to provide a central location for BI data for fast and easy access when needed.

Get Started with Power BI Today

Microsoft Power BI lets you:

  • Compile all your data from different spreadsheets, web analytics tools, databases, or CRM software onto one universal platform with a personalized dashboard
  • Post a question using layman’s terms or conversational language and get answers in presentable, easy-to-interpret reports and charts
  • Share your personalized dashboard with others and make shared decisions in a matter of minutes

Regardless of what industry you’re in, a streamlined business analytics tool can help you make smart decisions and keep everyone in your organization on the same page.

Features of Microsoft Power BI include:

  • Easy configuration – integrate with Google Analytics or other Software-as-a-Service tools for data that is always up to date
  • Live dashboards – compare on-premises historical data with live on-the-cloud data using interactive dashboards and reports
  • Microsoft integration – seamlessly connect with Microsoft Excel and other Office 365 apps
  • Drag-and-drop data exploration – use Excel and combine structured and unstructured data for on-demand analysis
  • Security and compliance – block unauthorized access with varying permission levels for data sets, data models, and reports
  • Scalability – data storage, analysis, and reporting capabilities that grow with your company
  • User-friendly reports – flawless reports that can be securely accessed via website, SharePoint site, or the Power BI dashboard
  • Custom visualizations – let your presentations match your personality

Embrace a reliable data culture in your organization, starting with you.

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