Microsoft SharePoint

Expert customization maximizes the return on your investment

Windows SharePoint from Microsoft powers up your team with Web-based access to advanced tools for project collaboration and application development. SharePoint allows you and your staff to share information through custom Websites, manage your important documents from beginning to end and publish reports to provide better business insight across the board.

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Having the right tools for meaningful collaboration is a critical element of success. Make sure your SharePoint investment lives up to its full potential of enhancing efficiency and productivity.

WhiteOwl has deep SharePoint expertise to help you take advantage of all its great features:

  • Improve team productivity with easy-to-use collaborative tools
  • Easily manage documents to ensure the integrity of content
  • Get users up to speed quickly with simplified navigation
  • Create tailored solutions that map to your business processes
  • Quick and easy deployment with minimal administrative time and effort
  • Reduce security complexity with enhanced administrative controls
  • Secure company resources by setting permissions at the document or item level
  • Take file sharing to a new level with robust storage capabilities
  • Easily scale your solution to meet specific business needs
  • Create Web-based applications, easily and cost effectively

A custom SharePoint solution can take your productivity to the next level.

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