WhiteOwl Uses Microsoft Azure to Provide Verzasca Group with a Cloud Solution Giving Secure and Remote Access to All Users


The Verzasca Group LLC, a large scale construction and real estate development firm based in Miami with operations in Europe, was looking for a solution to remotely access QuickBooks Enterprise 2015 for multiple users. Although QuickBooks already offers an Enterprise Hosting Service, it does not provide all of the functionalities Verzasca needed. Verzasca wanted remote access to the full functionality of the Quickbooks Enterprise. To accomplish this, WhiteOwl leveraged Microsoft Azure as the hosting platform.

Project Challenge

The challenge was to allow various professionals at Verzasca to connect remotely to QuickBooks Enterprise 2015 on a variety of devices and operating systems. It was also important that representatives at their accounting firm, MBAF (Morrison, Brown, Argiz & Farra), could also access Verzasca’s files securely and in real-time for tax and accounting purposes. As the Verzasca Group was already a client of MBAF, they turned to WhiteOwl, the technology affiliate of MBAF, for a solution.


Based on the Verzasca Group’s requirements, WhiteOwl’s Managed Services group suggested a cloud-based solution that allowed secure and remote access to all users and MBAF accountants. Additionally, Verzasca did not have the budget, nor space, to create a footprint of equipment to be installed in their offices to use and access QuickBooks; therefore, a cloud-based solution was ideal. WhiteOwl suggested Microsoft Azure because of its distinct feature sets:

  • Support for key server applications and workloads
  • Easy storage manageability
  • High availability features
  • Advanced networking
  • Easy application migration

WhiteOwl also suggested a “pay as you go” subscription of Microsoft Azure, which the client found very appealing because it did not obligate them long-term to a solution that may not have proven to be the fit they needed.

Implementation Results

After implementation, WhiteOwl directly interacted with each of the five users and made sure they all connected to the cloud solution easily, while also providing training and support. All users were able to access QuickBooks Enterprise from a variety of devices and operating systems: whether they were using Mac or Windows based devices -- desktops, laptops, or tablets -- Verzasca reported no difficulties accessing QuickBooks Enterprise and related files.

The Managed Services group later found that Verzasca was using the solution not only amongst the five initial users, and their reps at MBAF, but also with people in Europe who also needed access to their QuickBooks files. This means Verzasca was truly leveraging the solution the way it was intended.

Considering the success of the implementation, Olga Goldovskaya, Verzasca’s account rep at MBAF said,

The ability to access relevant accounting information in real time, instead of the need to wait for an accounting person at Verzasca to have to send out reports, or numbers as requested, is a huge benefit. With a proprietary and secure access I can now get reports remotely whenever I need them.

Key Success indicators

  • The client required a very fast turnaround, which was promptly met
  • All data indicates the solution has been running at or beyond expectations
  • The actual “pay as you go,” cost has been about 20% less than what was estimated at proposal
  • Hours to implement was well within SOW
  • Users were comfortable with the solution quickly, very little learning curve was required
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