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Introducing WhiteOwl’s Apps - Automation for Gifts. The App is designed for small and medium sized nonprofit organizations that are looking for a simple and affordable gift automation solution. WhiteOwl’s Apps - Automation for Gifts minimizes manual entry, and uses an intuitive and intelligence user experience to increase the productivity of your gift processing staff.

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Watch VideosWatch Video-Initiate capture from Raiser's Edge NXTWatch Video-Capture using a check scannerWatch Video-Capture using a TWAIN scannerWatch Video-Watch Video-Capture by uploading documents

Using OCR technology, capture gift documentation and relevant fields. Extract data from a check and other supporting documentation and match it to constituent data using advance algorithm. Check amounts are captured using Courtesy Amount Recognition. OCR processing takes a few seconds.
Explore the list of Check Scanner , Twain Scanner and Fujitsu fi-NX series scanners supported by WhiteOwl Apps.



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Once your data has been captured, easily validate content and field data for any item. Edit or manually enter fields values for those fields that were not automatically captured. This data is then used to create gift transactions in Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge NXT with any supporting document attached.



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Gift records are created along with originating documents attached in Raiser’s Edge NXT and ALL in real- time. Submit one or multiple gifts simultaneously; the app will let you know once the process has been completed. This creates a streamlined process through modern technology and eliminates delays in receiving files and allow you to acknowledge the gift quicker.

Streamline and automate your gifts without the need for an enterprise level document management, workflow, and transaction automation system.  WhiteOwl’s Apps - Automation for Gifts is simple, intuitive and doesn’t require extensive training or consulting services.

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  • Batch Processing
  • CAR/LAR technology to capture the handwritten check amount
  • Integrated with OCR technology for easy point and click learning feature
  • Integration with Raiser’s Edge NXT to validate against your data
  • Documents securely stored in the cloud and available on demand from a tile within the Raiser’s Edge NXT
  • Automatically separates stacks of scanned gift documentation at every check
  • Redaction to protect bank account information and credit card numbers
  • Optional deposit processing
  • Wide variety of industry standard Check Scanner, Twain Scanner and fi-NX scanner supported by WhiteOwl Apps


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