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Key Benefits


Streamline and Automate

Are you looking to solve the manual and error prone tasks related to processing gifts or invoices?

Then WhiteOwl Apps is what you’re looking for. Easily capture, validate/edit fields and submit gifts/invoices in 3 simple steps.

Using OCR technology, the WhiteOwl Apps initiates the automation and notifies you once the process has been completed.


Reduce Costs

Ready to increase employee productivity while reducing operational costs?

Automating invoice and gift processes can reduce many of the manual tasks and costs associated with such transactions.

The WhiteOwl Apps it’s an intelligent solution created to minimize manual entry, reduce errors, and increase the productivity of your gift and invoice processing staff.


Simple, Easy Solution

In need of a user-friendly tool to help alleviate the daily-routine tasks of processing gifts or invoices?

The WhiteOwl Apps focus on providing a SIMPLE, INTUITIVE, and FRIENDLY user experience. No need for extensive training or consulting services to get you going. Start automating your gift or invoice processes today!

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